FAQ for Hey Fritzers

General FAQ

♦ What is Hey Fritz all about?

Hey Fritz is a new way for people to get access to what they need, when they need it, in a smarter, more convenient, more environmentally friendly way. People list stuff they have lying idle and would be happy to share, and on the other side people can search the platform and connect with something they need. Offerings include items, spaces, skills and services.

♦ What’s good about Hey Fritz?

Hey Fritz connects people together to make better use of what we have. Communities that are closer together are nicer, friendlier places to live. To put it simply, Hey Fritz will make your neighbourhood a more pleasant place to live. And borrowing what we need instead of buying it is better for the planet, better for the pocket, and better for the places where we live!

♦ Help! There's no one on Hey Fritz in my area.

Congratulations! That means you’re the founding member of Hey Fritz in your area!! A pioneer of better ways to live and an inspiration for your neighbourhood.... To spread the words, share with your friends via our Facebook page, you can click on the “invite friends” option.

♦ How much does it cost to rent on Hey Fritz?

Hey Fritz charges a service fee of 20% on all paid transactions. For example if something is listed for $100, the borrower pays $100, and the lender receives $80. Why do we charge 20%? While we would love for the platform to be free, ther's a cost involved in bringing Hey Fritz to life. We use the commission to:

  • pay liveable wages for our employees
  • contribute to the build of our platform
  • build the highest levels of data protection
  • cover our insurance policy
  • provide customer support
  • ♦ How is money handled on Hey Fritz?

    Everyone on Hey Fritz that wishes to create a listing or shoutout, as well as to make a booking, will be required to set up a Stripe Connect account. This is a secure payment gateway, just like PayPal. This way, not only everyone goes through an ID verification process, but also set up your account details, so you won't have to share your details with anyone. The details you put in are highly encrypted, and not visible even to the Hey Fritz team. You can find out more about Stripe via our dedicated Stripe FAQ page.

    Listing on Hey Fritz

    ♦ How do I post a listing?

    Listing is easy, simply click 'Add a listing' . You will then be taken through a simple and speedy registration, and you can begin listing your items. You can also have a look at the step-by-step guide in the video above.

    ♦ What kinds of things can I post?

    Pretty much anything, so long as it’s not illegal, offensive, or requires a license to operate.

    ♦ Can I choose when and for how long to rent my items?

    Yes! Your things, your choice. You can adjust the item availablity during and after the listing process, as long as it does not affect any active bookings. You are under no obligation to rent your items upon every request, and you can rent out your things for as long as you like. Once you have agreed to a rental period with a user, they are not obligated to return it to you until the rental period is over, so plan ahead.

    ♦ What if someone steals, breaks or ruins my item?

    We understand it can be concerning to rent out items to people you don't know. This is why we do everything we can to minimize the risk of any unpleasantries.

  • Two-way rating and review system
  • In-built messegaging for better communication
  • Hey Fritz Guarantee should there be any worst case scenarios
  • While we aim to build a trusting and sharing community at Hey Fritz, we also encourage all users to exercise sensible caution when interacting with others to ensure an enjoyable experience.

    ♦ Are my earnings taxable?

    That can vary between jurisdictions around the world. Please ensure you declare your income on your tax return so that tax is paid in compliance with the taxation laws within your jurisdiction.

    Renting on Hey Fritz

    ♦ How do I go about renting something?

    Renting is easy, simply type in what you need in the top bar, or get inspired by clicking the 'Browse' button on the homepage. Once you've found the thing you needed, check the calendar on the listing details to see its availablity, and request to book! We also made a video above to show you how to do it exactly.

    ♦ Is everything in mint condition?

    Hey Fritz brings the community together to share what they have, some things will be new, some will have developed "quirks" aleady. We encourage everyone to connect with each other by using the platform's inbuilt messaging system, communicate clearly the item's conditions prior to booking to avoid misunderstanding later on.

    ♦ Sometimes accidents happen, what do I do then?

    Firstly, make sure you are safe and ok. We understand things can break sometimes. In the rare event of a breakage, please contact the lender within 24 hours to discuss. Hopefully you just need to flick some hidden switch, or tap it twice and it will be off and running.