How to double the inventory of your Tool Library without extra storage space
By Mick Fritschy, 15/4/2021

Do you have a tool library and are interested in expanding your reach and inventory?

If so, we think we have a solution you will be interested in - decentralised listings.

So, you’ve got a Tool Library or Library of Things!

Nice ūüėä. You‚Äôve joined the club helping to make this world a better, more environmentally friendly and sustainable place.

Are you interested in expanding your reach and inventory?

If so, we think we have a solution you will be interested in - decentralised listings. Decentralised listings are when your members add items they would be willing to share, to an online catalogue. The items stay with them, but people can request them for hire through the online catalogue.


It gives your members access to extra items without taking up any of your storage space. There’s also a bunch of other benefits including:

·    Access to greater variety - all of your

members can contribute items to the decentralised stock

·    24/7 access - your members can rent items

they need through other members when you are closed

¬∑¬†¬†¬†¬†Items available in closer proximity ‚Äď members

might find what they need around the corner 

·    Gives members an opportunity to make some

money from renting out items they own.


How does it work?

Decentralised listings can be added to your library by connecting your library to our specialised platform called Hey Fritz. As you may know, we are an Aussie social enterprise helping to expand and connect tool libraries across the country.


Let’s go into a bit of detail

This blog tells you the simple steps you need to undertake to get your members up and running. The hardest thing you need to do, but it’s sort of fun, is to decide on a cool tag name to identify your library’s decentralised listings on the Hey Fritz platform.


Joining the Hey Fritz Platform

For peace of mind, Hey Fritz has ID verification, an item hire guarantee against damage, loss and theft, and secure payments. Members manage the availability of their items through a built-in availability calendar, and there is a direct messaging function for communication between members.


Remember that cool tag name you came up with? When members add items to the Hey Fritz platform they add that tag to each listing. Members are then able to filter for that tag on Hey Fritz to identify your library’s decentralised listings.



In order to ensure the highest levels of trust, Hey Fritz verifies the identity of all users. This is a one-off process which strictly follows Payment Card Industry Standards. During this step bank details are recorded for the purpose of facilitating item hire payments (this data is protected by AES 265-bit encryption and is not even visible to Hey Fritz).


How do I integrate Hey Fritz with my Tool Library/Library of Things?

You might come up with a creative solution for this, but a couple of suggested ways are:

1. Add a link to Hey Fritz on your Tool Library search page entitled something along the lines of ‚ÄúAdd an item to (or browse) our decentralised listings‚ÄĚ (clicking on the link will take them directly to the Hey Fritz website where they can list and borrow items from your decentralised listings). We suggest adding two additional notes:

·    When you add an item include #[your tool library tag here] in the description field.

·    When searching for our decentralised listings, filter for #[your tool library tag here] in the keyword field.  

For additional information users can click a link to a page, or document with further information (shoot us a line at if you would like an example of what to use).

2. Create an extra section which gives a quick explanation of

the concept, with a link to Hey Fritz.


For a quick video mock up of how this could look click here


Time to share the love

We¬īve prepared the following¬†templates¬†to help you out so you can start spreading the word about expanding your library¬īs listings:

Just email us at for a copy of any of the following

Email: A draft email for you to edit and send to your members (just email us at

Social Media posts: Posting to social media is a great way to invite your members to contribute to the new decentralised holdings of your Tool Library/Library of Things. We have prepared posters and drafted captions for you to draw from. Consider posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. What other platforms might your target audience be using? 


Consider sending five different posts reinforcing the same message, daily to weekly depending on what you think will be appropriate for your audience. 


Hey Fritz Support

The Hey Fritz team is here to support you through each step in the process, so please get in touch if there is any help or advice we can provide along the way. We are only an email away;



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