Band together and make better use of what we have

My first ice cream.

People often lack easy and convenient access to what they need, when they need it. This is not due to a lack of available items nearby, but rather an inability to match the items with the person.

At Hey Fritz, we are passionate about lots of things: together we share a love of travel and the outdoors, of friends and family, of tending our gardens and growing vegetables, and most importantly together we want to do something big that has a positive impact for our community and our planet.

As a group of Founders we have some very specific skills:

  • a career software engieer pursuing a PhD in astrophysics eager to apply his skillset to solve down-to-earth issues
  • an expert in strategy and agile ways of working, applying skills and experience in international relations to growing Hey Fritz globally
  • a graphics designer, videographer and photographer, bringing life to the Hey Fritz vision
  • a data scientist with over 20 years’ experience with Microsoft and other tier 1 vendors ensuring the smartest use of data, and the highest levels of data protection

  • Our Mission

    Together, our mission is to help people band together to make better use of what we have to help protect our planet for the future.

    Join the movement and go “climate and community positive”, Hey Fritz it!

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