COVID-19 Guidline for Hey Fritzers

Hey Fritz has implemented the following guidelines to ensure everyone act responsibly and safely and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Follow Local Health Guidelines:

No exchanges - contactless or otherwise - are to take place if :

  • there is government-mandated lockdown
  • either the borrower or lender has any cold of flu symptoms
  • Please message the other party with as much notice as possible to postpone or cancel the transaction. In the event another party presents with cold or flu symptoms, please politely decline the transaction and advise Hey Fritz customer service via email.

    Exercise Contact Free Exchange

    During exchange, even if both lenders and borrowers are asymptomatic, please observe social distancing and exchange without any physical contact.

    Electronic Payments Via Hey Fritz Only

    All bookings made on Hey Fritz must paid electronically on the platform. There must not be any cash exchange.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting Items

    Items and spaces should be wiped down by the lender with a cleaning solution containing a minimum of 70% alcohol, before and after each exchange. Borrowers should also wipe down items at the beginning and end of each exchange.